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Enterprise Resource Planning Services
About the service Oil & Gas
The current Wave 2 roll outs in the ERP domain predicates a significant maturity in the product market space. This expansion of the boundaries of the ERP modules and the increasing flexibility and functionality currently offered are helping businesses with better scope management and integration.

In response to the industry demands for state of the art ERP products, we have defined our entire service portfolio around tier 1 ERP applications. We offer full package enabled process environment including simulation labs. We perform business process management services and manage all technology requirements in leading ERP applications. Our key ERP services are:

  • ERP strategy and roadmap development
  • Functional process management in ERP system
  • ERP implementation services
  • Managed ERP services as integral part of businesses
  • Upgrades and maintenance services
Currently a number of regional oil & gas companies are either going through ERP replacement strategy or through significant enhancement to ERP functionalities. The key challenges faced by the industry are 'best of breed' versus 'single platform' solutions. There is a strong need for extended ERP functionalities to manage supply chain relationships, interfaces to ADIC (automatic data input and capture systems) along the supply chain and eProcurement interfaces. ERP is the epicenter of enterprise applications in the sector, and thus most of our client situation requires stronger integration and interface. Data flow between ERP systems and other components of application architecture is critical to maximize return on investments.
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Competent team to deliver on any and all of our client challenges
Simulation labs across leading
tier 1 application
Wide array of services
Service delivery is managed end to end by our experienced team
Easy access to regional markets
Well supported by strong partnership value chain