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Enterprise Risk and Security Management
About the service Oil & Gas
Threats and vulnerabilities are not only increasing progressively, but are becoming more sophisticated as well. Combined with the probabilities of natural disasters, risk and security management are a subject of discussion at every board room. Our service landscape assigns the necessary importance to address the size and complexity of these requirements through:
  • Enterprise risk and security strategy
  • Enterprise risk management services
  • Maintaining and managing your risk register
  • IT security services
If the recent threats to the oil & gas facilities are any thing to go by, there is a significant increase in the sector's risk profile. The potential impact arising from risks related to environmental issues, terrorism, etc could cause significant challenges to financial and operations performance of companies around the globe. The industry requires strategy and planning around risk and security. There is no time to wait and there are no options to choose from. We believe that every organization in the sector should embrace technology security measures that will match up to their risk and exposure profiles in line with Industry standards.

The nature and outcome of such engagements tend to be large and complex in nature. It is important to involve the senior most leadership team as sponsors and owners of such initiatives.

Why Us
We understand the nuances of deriving best out of IT investments
Qualified and experienced project management expertise
Our ability to focus enterprise risk management
Our GRC focus both from process perspective and technology perspective
Proven frameworks that align organization priorities (strategic perspective) and operational initiatives