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IT Governance & Consultancy
Overview Approach Oil & Gas
IT is increasingly transforming within organizations from a support service to creator of competitive advantage. However, before organizations can reap benefits from IT the design and implementation of IT applications and infrastructure needs to be carefully planned, executed, monitored and controlled.

Our service portfolio in this regard is rightly designed to help customers reap benefits from its investment in IT while balancing the risks to the organization. This is becoming all the more important in the current market scenario where our customers are subject to significant cost pressures. Our IT consultancy and Governance services support organizations in the following major areas:

  • IT effectiveness consultancy (improvement focus)
  • Project management (initiatives focus)
  • Enterprise risk & security management (risk focus)
  • IT governance (compliance focus)
Our teams of experts have vast experience and expertise through their intensive involvement in assisting oil and gas organizations in these areas. We offer consultancy services to improve the returns from existing and new investments in IT as well as manage IT effectiveness through robust project management practices.

Compliance is a board level issue and our services related to risk, security and compliance aim to design and effectively report on number of threat and governance issues.

All our IT consultancy and governance services follow a four staged high level process. Each of our services is supported by strong methodology uniquely identified (and in many cases subject to our IP and trade marks).

Our methodologies support standard checklists and clean slate hypothesis to customer specific issues. Our experienced consultants will analyze the current situation through interviews, walk through assessments, benchmarks and applicable leading practices. We use brainstorming and Delphi techniques to identify improvement opportunities. Our project management services aim at managing improvement initiatives to meet the intended business objectives while our methodologies surrounding compliance services ensure effective control, monitoring and reporting against standards and regulations.

Typical client scenario in oil & gas sector involves continuous investments in new initiatives and improving the existing ones (benefit maximization). There remains a continuous challenge of meeting un-ending needs with limited resources. Portfolio management is key to identifying the right set of initiatives and priorities. Our continuous research efforts and consulting experiences in the oil & gas sector have helped us understand the key challenges facing our clients.
  • Robust portfolio and project management framework are necessary to syndicate initiatives and business objectives
  • Small improvements bring significant business gains given the size of such opportunities in oil & gas
  • Regulatory requirements will be more demanding and constraining if not managed well
  • Threats and vulnerabilities from newer technologies like wireless access and digital oil fields will necessitate robust protection and control.
Why Us
We understand the nuances of deriving best out of IT investments
Qualified and experienced project management expertise
Our ability to focus enterprise risk management
Our GRC focus both from process perspective and technology perspective
Proven frameworks that align organization priorities (strategic perspective) and operational initiatives