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IT Project Management
About the service Oil & Gas
The largest testament to Project Management for IT projects is its ability to achieve cost efficiencies without sacrificing either quality or time. Good project management has been known to save around 20% of the project cost in certain instances. Projects have a penchant to consume more than its fair share of costs and efforts if not tightly controlled.

In our view, project management is a specialization and not just an experience or a framework. It is the combination of methodology, tools, application of skills and experience that could produce good project management. Our project management services could be delivered as:

  • Seconded project managers (technical and IT)
  • Setting up and managing your project offices
  • Project planning services
  • Training your staff on project management
The industry is unique in its preference for the functional organization to be driven by projects. This has made Projects an integral component of the oil & gas industry.

The industry suffers from an inability to correctly classify these projects across nature, size, complexity and risk and therefore assigns resources in an ad-hoc manner and may be results in missed outcomes due to lack of focus. We help customers classify their projects based on:

  • Nature of projects (technical, IT, support, expansion etc)
  • Size of projects (and hence policies to handle them should be defined)
  • Complexity and risk rating (based on outcome and PEST situations)

The industry requires strong program and portfolio managers that could balance conflicting project initiatives with limited resource strategy. Having defined the priorities, it is important to perform close monitoring against the baseline budgets.

Why Us
We understand the nuances of deriving best out of IT investments
Qualified and experienced project management expertise
Our ability to focus enterprise risk management
Our GRC focus both from process perspective and technology perspective
Proven frameworks that align organization priorities (strategic perspective) and operational initiatives