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Managed IT Services
Overview Approach Oil & Gas
Organizations excel at delivering on their core competencies. The traditional trend from late 80's was to in-source as much functions as possible. While this might have been suitable at that time for organizations, with the shrinkage in the world resulting from improving telecommunication and other infrastructure, it has been noticed that organizations are struggling to develop competencies in all its areas - business and support. This has led to a strong business case led movement in many organizations towards concentration on competencies required for business delivery. However, for an organization to function effectively in this model, it is important that its support functions are well managed.

Our Managed IT Services have been defined to focus primarily in the area of enhanced IT effectiveness through:

  • Full outsourcing of the organization's IT function and infrastructure
  • Service desk operations
  • Data centre/facilities management
  • IT operations management
  • Contingency services
The Key to our Managed IT services portfolio is the transfer of accountability for IT to us through a clearly defined service level agreement and measurement mechanism. Services in this classification typically undergo an onboarding process where our team will define the organization's expectations, activities to be performed, deliverables and reporting hierarchies, etc. This process lends the relationship a strong basis to collaborate. On completion of onboarding, the service delivery team commences the service provision in line with international best practices and standards.

A significant cornerstone for our service delivery is the monitoring and reporting process which ensures that at any time the organization gets value for its investment.

The oil & gas industry was one of the pioneers in adopting the competency route to doing business. Accordingly, we believe that:
  • The industry has been successful in creating an eco-system of suppliers who operate on this mode
  • The industry specific requirements are a significant entry barrier for newer and smaller entrants with limited financial and operational muscle
  • The players in the industry require high availability of its technology infrastructure
Why Us
We understand the nuances of delivering on time and at the right service level
We have invested in an infrastructure which substantiates our ability to support a very intensive and high pressure environment
Qualified and experienced teams with experience in all facets of IT Management
Documented and implemented policies and procedures to ensure security and control