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Contingency Services
About the service Oil & Gas
In this current world of highly connected enterprises, organizations are constrained to have their operations disrupted for extended periods of time due to disasters. The classic response to provide a reasonable assurance that business will continue and recover from a crisis is Business Contingency Planning. In its comprehensive form, this involves performing a risk assessment for all parts of the business and defining and implementing measures which will minimize losses and kick start recovery in the event of a disaster.

A team of highly trained and competent individuals comprise our team that helps clients in this regard. With significant practical experience in this field in the Oil & Gas industry, we are able to cost effectively address all the issues around availability. Our state of the art facilities also provide an opportunity for organizations to outsource their business continuity manager.

  • Continuous threats and large scale impacts necessitates serious thoughts to contingency plans at business and technology level
  • The sector will witnesses reasonable redundancy when it comes to disaster recovery plan, more stringent on the operations and distribution management
  • Senior management commitment is a must to balance the cost of contingency plans versus the benefits (given the complex IT environment). This requires robust strategy supporting the RTO and RPO parameters.

For more details about how our business solution and integration services could assist you, you are welcome to contact us.

Why Us
We understand the nuances of delivering on time and at the right service level
We have invested in an infrastructure which substantiates our ability to support a very intensive and high pressure environment
Qualified and experienced teams with experience in all facets of IT Management
Documented and implemented policies and procedures to ensure security and control