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Knowledge & Research Management
Overview Approach Oil & Gas
Continuous pursuit for innovation and adopting leading practices are important to continuous improvement cycle. Though digitization of value chains has created tremendous volume of accessible data, it still leaves a large quantum of date that are not available for useful processing. It is time for organizations to temporarily pause the data and information processing and develop a strategy and framework to manage the data and thereby the underlying intelligence. Our service offerings are designed to help manage your knowledge value chain.
  • Implement knowledge management solution
  • Training and development
Our services aim to capture, manage and leverage on explicit and tacit knowledge within any organization. Our training and development services deliver skill-centric training programs and development of human and technology developments. The objective is to reap the maximum returns out of investments made in such developments.
All our knowledge and research related services are delivered by our expert resources. In our experience, these services are intensive in nature and hence rely on hypothesis generated through meetings and brainstorming sessions. These hypothesis are further evaluated in the design, deploy and monitor phases to result in actionable information and thereby knowledge.

We are currently designing our research programs. However our knowledge management services assist organizations to define a collaboration framework within and across extended enterprises. The implementation services focus on tier 1 KM products available in the marketplace. Our training programs are custom designed to suit our requirements. We follow a typical consulting approach to our training i.e. first assess the requirements, and then design the program to suit the requirements.

In our experience, the industry generates voluminous data given the large size, multi-faceted functions and the extensive partner network involved in the day to day operations. The operational challenges faced by organizations in this sector include Organizing data, right analysis and subsequent representation of data. A well designed knowledge organization starts with the definition of different architectures, including but not limited to enterprise, data, technology and governance. The industry has standard architecture frameworks developed by leading international bodies. However, fine tuning the applicability of such framework to a client situation requires careful strategy and planning.
The key trends in the oil & gas include:
  • Data architecture definitions
  • Data modeling and frameworks
  • Benchmarking
  • Acquiring knowledge through on the job training
  • Investments in research (towards innovation)
Why Us
We have developed our oil & gas international practice knowledge base
Our experts are veterans from the industry with fine working knowledge
We host state of the art technology platform supporting collaboration framework
Our custom developed training programs address unique customer needs
Our core philosophy is that knowledge is valuable when shared unconditionally