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Implement Knowledge Management Solution
About the service Oil & Gas
Knowledge management solutions consist of process view (work flow and delivery) and technology view (catalogue, meta-data, portals, search and collaboration). Our service offerings focus on identifying the data points supporting the knowledge and consequently tracing the whole value chain from collection till retirement.
  • Design KM strategy & architecture
  • Implement KM solutions
  • Manage KM value chain
Knowledge value chain is created by unifying structured and un-structured process and interactions to create business value. Implementation of KM solution along core value chain is maturing. The industry is actively replacing the number of un-structured manual work flows (along corporate and support value chain) into application work flow management system guided through rules and criteria. Non-transaction (un-structured) processes including contract management, export sales, secretarial workflow, executive processes, research and development.
The document management system will manage engineering records, HR records, asset master data, sales contract, QC certificate. KM suite should consist of:
  • Portals
  • Electronic document management
  • Document storage
  • Publish and subscribe
Why Us
We have developed our oil & gas international practice knowledge base
Our experts are veterans from the industry with fine working knowledge
We host state of the art technology platform supporting collaboration framework
Our custom developed training programs address unique customer needs
Our core philosophy is that knowledge is valuable when shared unconditionally